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Last Updated on: January 10th, 2021 at 7:51 am

Hi, thanks for actually checking out my “About Me” page! My name is Ankit, I am an Engineering Graduate, currently working at a Software Firm.

My adventures with flies began, when we shifted to our new house, seven years back. The first day, I noticed about 2-3 flies in my bedroom, following my instincts I quickly grabbed a newspaper rolled it and killed them. But the very next day, again I saw a few more flies and soon their number went on increasing. I soon realized that the house is infested with flies, but the question in my mind was – “Now what can I do?”

I searched the internet for days, sometimes 8+ hours at a stretch to find the methods to eradicate those little culprits. Quickly, I implemented those methods and some methods worked, and some didn’t.

Thank God! Now I can proudly say we don’t have flies. 🙂

My goal on this website is to share my knowledge about flies and how to eliminate them. Here, I post articles that you can use to know more about pesky flies, based on my own experiences. This website over years has been mentioned by many other popular blogs and websites like:

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Have a Nice Day!